“I would have to be an absolute fool
to do business with anyone else
but you, regardless of price”

If your marketing doesn’t bring people to this conclusion,
it’s not working like it should. Of course this is easier said than done…


It would be great if your business had marketing so powerful that people came to this conclusion. And even better if your internal operations could be worthy of such acclaim. Maybe your business is at that level, but most are not.

In reality all businesses struggle with the same basic problems. We summarize this with the statement:

Inside Reality vs. Outside Perception

The first problem is to optimize internal operations and processes so the business runs smoothly and efficiently. This is your inside reality. The second problem is to effectively communicate your message to the marketplace so it knows how great you are. This outside perception is created through sales, marketing, and all contact employees have with anyone outside the company.

To become great, a company must excel in both their inside reality and outside perception. The 2Market Consulting processes have been designed to address both issues. Our Business Consulting process helps drive internal improvements for an improved inside reality while our Marketing Consulting process effectively communicates your value to the marketplace. Learn more.


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